Friday, October 31, 2008

Work at Home Jobs

Review Work at Home Jobs - Kitchen Table Profits

Drive The Car You Have Always Wanted

There are so many people wanting to stay at home and earn an income using very little of their own capital, so my kitchen table profits ideas will be an important part of your new home base business. I'll reveal to you 2 of the best work at home jobs you can do using your kitchen table and the telephone.

1) How about a wake up service? There are people out there that find it difficult to get out of bed just using their alarm clock. This service provides you to phone your new subscribers at specific times each work day morning and remind them to get ready for work. To get your new service started, you can place ads in the newspaper and offer a free weeks trial. Your rates can be based on how many calls you need to make per week.

2) Phone in service for shut-ins. Another great idea to help others using your phone and your kitchen table. There are many elderly people who want to still stay at home and many of them are living alone with not much outside help. Your service would be to provide a phone call, preferably twice per day,to check in on them and see if they are doing OK. Your subscriber would be a family member who needs the extra help from you. If there was no response from the client, then you would need to contact the subscriber as an alert to them. It's peace of mind to the subscriber that you can contact their family member on a daily basis that they will pay a good price for your service.

These are two great services you can provide from your home office and truly enjoy what you are doing while providing some help to others.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Home Business

The Real Big Money Home Business - With a $500 Office

Get The House You Have Always Wanted

How would you like to make real money from home and in less than 1 week earn $1,000 or more in your pajamas? If you follow these simple strategies, you too can save on gas, stop waiting in traffic and best of all - be your own boss. What is the secret? Take your trade to the Internet.
Your only investment is a computer and an internet connection. Odds are, if you are reading this, you already have a computer and if not, you can pick one up for less than $500 (check out Acer laptops). Now the trick is sharing with the world your talents in order for you to profit at home.

You need to have realistic skills that others can use and if you do not have a skill, you can learn new ones or simply trade your time and perform simple duties like data entry. Where do you start? Check out the various web sites like for places you can register as a service provider then make bids on work related to your area of expertise. It is that simple.

In the beginning, you may have to take on some jobs below your hourly value, but as you set your sails - you will soon be making the real big money with a home business and an investment of less than $500. It is a small price to pay for that level of freedom. There are people all over the world now providing work from their home or hotel and many companies enjoy this strategy as it lowers their overhead and provides them results only work as opposed to keeping someone on staff that will cut through the working hours talking to their friends on sites like MySpace and Facebook. Be a part of the solution and earn sold profits doing work you love and enjoy.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Home Business Tips

Home Business Tips - What Has the Economy Done in Your Business?

Let's be honest. Times are tough. The economy is in the worst shape it's been in since the Great Depression. And for those who think that shouldn't be capitalized, do some reading on your history. It was a horrible time. And it looks like we're in for another go round shortly. Are you prepared? Have you already seen a severe drop in your business? If so, you may want to read this article. It's going to give you some straight dope on your chances of survival.

In times of economic stress, the first things that go are the luxuries. People start to do without some of those items that they can live without, if it means the choice between that and putting food on the table. Nobody likes to starve. So, in bad economic times, you have to look at your business and see if what you are offering is something that people will still want to have even when times are bad. Some of the things that still sell well would surprise you.

The things that really don't get affected much are the vices in life. You know, smoking, drinking, gambling, stuff like that. Why? Well, think about it. They are all addictive things. See how easy a time you have trying to get a smoker to quit. Of course there is the other end of the spectrum. I'm talking about the smokers who would love to quit and would do anything to stop. In that case, stop smoking products also sell very well all year round. And in times of economic stress...even better.

You're probably wondering why. Well, the answer is very simple. Cigarettes are expensive. Have you ever seen what a pack sells for these days? Around where I live, it's something like $5 a pack. That's crazy. So a smoker who can give up smoking is going to save himself a lot of money. So, if you have a stop smoking product, you're still going to do quite well.

Bottom line is this. If your business isn't centered around selling a product that people really need and want, you're not going to have much success with it, in good times or bad.
To YOUR Success, Steven Wagenheim

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Work At Home

Here is How You Can Be a Mom, Work at Home, and Have it All!

Being a mom is by far the most challenging, but most rewarding job you can ever do. Payment is made through the eyes of your children, watching them grow and become the kind of person you are proud to have helped develop into who they are. But, sometimes we need to have a way to make some extra money for the family, or maybe we want to be able to stay at home and raise our kids, but still feel that we have a career that defines who we are.

Well, it is possible to be a mom, work at home and have everything that you are hoping for. It may not be as easy as you think, but the rewards are worth it. You have the chance to build a business of your own, or work at a career you can be proud of - and still be able to stay home with your children.

The first thing you need to do is decide if you want a work at home job or if you think you have a good idea for a home business. There is a big difference, so you need to be sure of what you want. Try to think of your hobbies, things that you are good at and things that you enjoy doing. Or, think of special skills you may have developed in a previous job or schooling you had in the past.

Once you have some ideas, you need to start researching. But, you need to be careful of some of the information that you will come across in your search! Trust me - I have been there! There are many people out there, especially online, who will try taking advantage of you. Never pay into anything unless you do some good background checking or research to be sure that what you are paying for is legitimate.

There are absolutely thousands of places to find work at home jobs online - and it can get overwhelming. If you can remain focused and decide early on what area you are interested in pursuing, you will be less likely to be taken off on different paths that may appear in your search.

The best advice I can offer is to have a plan. Write it down and stick to it. If you decide you want to find work as a customer service agent - then make your plan. Find the companies that are hiring, and research to see what others who have worked there have to say about them. Apply to as many as you can, and keep applying until you find something that you enjoy.

There are many ways to be a mom, work at home - and do it all. But, you need to have a plan, and you need to be ready to juggle your time because there will be challenges along the way. Being able to spend more time with your kids, and have the freedom to do what you enjoy will make the challenges seem insignificant to the rewards.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Make Money At Home

Make Money at Home With Your Digital Camera

Looking for ways to make money at home? There's a goldmine in your digital camera. Discover how you can turn photography into a profitable home business in this article.

Many people are already making money with their digital camera online. Do a Google search for "stock photography". Many of these sites will take your photographs and will display them online. They pay you varying amounts when people buy your photographs to use in print and on the Web. While at these small amounts of cash are very welcome, you can make much more money taking photographs for people and businesses in your local area.

Think about your own interests. Do you have a wedding coming up? Wedding photography is a very profitable area, so go along to the wedding and takes some practice shots. This will give you an idea of what's involved. Keep practicing, and you'll soon be able to call yourself a wedding photographer.

Another profitable area is taking product shots for online auctions. Many auction sellers outsource their photography to professionals. All you need to take these shots is your camera and a small portable studio with lights and reflectors.

How Jena Started Her Online Photography Business

Jena started her online photography business three years ago by selling prints from home and from a couple of Web sites which sold them on commission. She is the winner of several photography prizes, and selling her prints online enables her to sell to a global audience. She's been so successful at this, that digital photography is now her full time career.

She now sells stock photography on various sites. She says "I can sell photographs which were just cluttering my computer hard drive because I didn't know what else to do with them." Recently she and a couple of friends have set up a home business in which they create T-shirts, aprons, devotes and other small items from their photographs. They sell these items online as well as at local markets on weekends.

With Christmas coming up Jena is designing a range of photographic Christmas cards to sell online. She already has several orders. She is designing a range of Valentine's Day cards as well.
I hope this article has given you some ideas of the many ways in which you can make money with your digital camera. Get started today.

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Friday, October 3, 2008

Home Based Business

The Most Important Question to Ask When Building a Successful Home Based Business

There are many different reasons that people have for wanting to earn an income from their home. The idea of simply the freedom from having to answer to a boss is the motivation for some. For others it is a way to generate enough cash to make ends meet. In my case, the motivation was for independence and financial security.

Whatever your motivation is there is one major question that you must answer prior to embarking on this journey. Most new home business owners won't deal with this question because they are afraid of the answer. This question is really simple.

Are you prepared to actually run a home based business? When I got started I didn't know the first thing about what was really involved in running my own home based business. I really thought that it was a simple as putting together my website and then watching all of the sales roll in.

Unfortunately, it is not nearly that easy. There is a ton of time that will need to go into advertising and generating leads and traffic, to customer service, to book - keeping, etc... The days can get very long, especially in the early stages.

Here is a little secret about your own home based business. The biggest factor that you will need to focus on is your discipline. This is something that many people never consider.

Most of us are used to going to the job. Being told what tasks we are supposed to do and completing them. When you start your own online business you are suddenly the boss. This means that there is no one besides yourself to hold yourself accountable for whether or not the things that get done get done.

You are going to have to find ways to hold yourself accountable and motivate yourself or your business will fail! Nobody is going to do that for you.

Another thing you will have to take care of is the books. Finances, banking and paying the taxes are now your responsibility. It is vital that you make a strict budget and monitor it. You will need to keep accurate records of all transactions for the government and file taxes.

This is just the beginning of all of the types of tasks that you will be responsible for when you start building your own successful online business.

So, are you prepared to actually run a home based business? It might help to know the answer to that question BEFORE you start.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Home Based Business

What Office Equipment to Buy to Start Your Home Based Business

Running a home based business can be a great way to save the expenses of a brick and mortar office. A few things to realize, which is mostly to keep expenses low. Even home based business can find themselves burdened with too many expenses. Keep it tight, lean, and mean.

Some items you must spend a bit extra on. Extra's like on computers, faxes, and paper. The reason is simple as a home based business we do not have a large budget to hire full time tech support. Paper, the better it is, the less it will jam. Jamming costs you precious time. Your time is so very much more valuable than the extra $1.00 you spend per ream of paper. Are you getting the picture?

Computer: every office needs at least one, this is a basic no brainer. I like HP's they are very reliable, cost a bit more but worth it in the long run. Computer screens or monitors, the bigger the better, keep your budget in mind however. A great screen can come later.

Fax: faxes are a must have for every business and it should have its dedicated line. It is so unprofessional when vendors tell me they have to be home to load there fax, or they cannot talk and fax simultaneously, or they have to be home or at their office to switch it over. I cannot tell you how many times in my investment business contracts of $5,000-$30,000 come over my fax when I am not around. So pay the extra and get a dedicated line.

Phone: you need a land line as well as a cell. The land line cuts your cell bills lower. Plus your cell may need a charge; in this case you can pick up your land line. I like magicjack, it's almost a free service and works really good for the price.

Office Furniture: I have a desk, comfortable chair, plastic chair roller mat, one length-wise filing cabinet, and an upright standing locking metal cabinet from sams, well so is the filing cabinet. Great soft and cool lighting is mandatory for me. Great bright soft lighting makes all the difference in the world working under. Oh and make your chair comfortable but not so comfortable you fall asleep in it.

That is it, that's all you need to get started and functional!

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