Friday, October 31, 2008

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Review Work at Home Jobs - Kitchen Table Profits

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There are so many people wanting to stay at home and earn an income using very little of their own capital, so my kitchen table profits ideas will be an important part of your new home base business. I'll reveal to you 2 of the best work at home jobs you can do using your kitchen table and the telephone.

1) How about a wake up service? There are people out there that find it difficult to get out of bed just using their alarm clock. This service provides you to phone your new subscribers at specific times each work day morning and remind them to get ready for work. To get your new service started, you can place ads in the newspaper and offer a free weeks trial. Your rates can be based on how many calls you need to make per week.

2) Phone in service for shut-ins. Another great idea to help others using your phone and your kitchen table. There are many elderly people who want to still stay at home and many of them are living alone with not much outside help. Your service would be to provide a phone call, preferably twice per day,to check in on them and see if they are doing OK. Your subscriber would be a family member who needs the extra help from you. If there was no response from the client, then you would need to contact the subscriber as an alert to them. It's peace of mind to the subscriber that you can contact their family member on a daily basis that they will pay a good price for your service.

These are two great services you can provide from your home office and truly enjoy what you are doing while providing some help to others.

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