Friday, October 3, 2008

Home Based Business

The Most Important Question to Ask When Building a Successful Home Based Business

There are many different reasons that people have for wanting to earn an income from their home. The idea of simply the freedom from having to answer to a boss is the motivation for some. For others it is a way to generate enough cash to make ends meet. In my case, the motivation was for independence and financial security.

Whatever your motivation is there is one major question that you must answer prior to embarking on this journey. Most new home business owners won't deal with this question because they are afraid of the answer. This question is really simple.

Are you prepared to actually run a home based business? When I got started I didn't know the first thing about what was really involved in running my own home based business. I really thought that it was a simple as putting together my website and then watching all of the sales roll in.

Unfortunately, it is not nearly that easy. There is a ton of time that will need to go into advertising and generating leads and traffic, to customer service, to book - keeping, etc... The days can get very long, especially in the early stages.

Here is a little secret about your own home based business. The biggest factor that you will need to focus on is your discipline. This is something that many people never consider.

Most of us are used to going to the job. Being told what tasks we are supposed to do and completing them. When you start your own online business you are suddenly the boss. This means that there is no one besides yourself to hold yourself accountable for whether or not the things that get done get done.

You are going to have to find ways to hold yourself accountable and motivate yourself or your business will fail! Nobody is going to do that for you.

Another thing you will have to take care of is the books. Finances, banking and paying the taxes are now your responsibility. It is vital that you make a strict budget and monitor it. You will need to keep accurate records of all transactions for the government and file taxes.

This is just the beginning of all of the types of tasks that you will be responsible for when you start building your own successful online business.

So, are you prepared to actually run a home based business? It might help to know the answer to that question BEFORE you start.

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