Monday, November 19, 2007

Why Most People Fail Online?

Money Talks for more info.">How many people do you know who have succeeded online? A majority of people may know of a couple of people at most. Why is this? Well how many successful business people people do you know? You may know a little more. So why is everyone or the majority of people failing online? We all see ads everyone promising the world with slogans like " Make 1 million in a Year". "Build an Automated Business with little or no work". And the list goes on. For some reason our society has become use to the idea of getting something for nothing. Everyone wants to succeed overnight without putting in any work. Which is kind of funny since it is not realistic at all. For instance if someone was starting a brick and mortar business they would at least expect 3 to 5 years before they turned a positive profit. When people begin to build a business online they go into that overnight mentality.

I am not against home based businesses or MLM's at all. In fact I think home based businesses are the wave of the future with the corporations laying off employees and exporting our jobs overseas,home based businesses are the way to go. Now here is the problem I see with home based businesses and the reason why so many people fail to make any money online or offline. First off some people are just lazy but I am not referring to people who just sit and watch TV all day, then expect to strike it rich while watching MTV. I am referring to the people who actually do give it their all to make their home based businesses work and fail. So the problem is this, people do not understand the basic concepts of running a business and marketing, not to mention selling. Now all of these issues can easily be overcome with the proper training and experience.

Most people join a home based business try to sell to relatives and friends, then run out of leads to market to. This is what kills most businesses offline, online, home based, and any other type of businesses you can think of. Targeted prospects are a must and you must have a consistent flow of prospects. When running a home based business you must run it as a business and think as a business owner. If you do not you may succeed but you greatly limit your earning potential.

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