Monday, November 19, 2007

What Are You Missing With Your Home Based Business?

What are you missing with your home based business? Normally when you sign up for your home based business you get a self replicated website and that's about it. If your luckily you might get a supportive upline who truly helps you out. But the majority of us are not as blessed with a supportive upline. So for the most part when you join a home based business you are given a spoon and then told to dig a hole the size of the Grand Canyon. This is not realistic but this what so many home based business owners are trying to do. Of course that is a plan for failure.

So a majority of business owners start off trying to advertise with classified ad sites like Craigslist or they may even start using safe lists. Both of which give very minimal results, if any. Or they may talk to friends and family. Or they may spend a ton of money on leads, which end up not producing any solid results.Once these methods are exhausted they normally end up quitting and are left with a bad taste in their mouth.

So what was missing? What went wrong? Simple these business owners were not marketers. They had no experience with creating and driving targeted traffic to their websites. And even if they had traffic coming in they had no experience in converting their traffic into sales. Next they had no knowledge on how to generate quality leads. Instead they are buying used leads which have been sold to everyone and their moms. When you look at these factors of course 90% of people in a home based business are not making any money and failing.

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