Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Start A Money Making Website

So are you looking to start a money making website ? Everyone is looking to start a money making website now a days. Is it really that simple to start a money making website ? Well yes and no. First off regardless of whatever you may have heard it just does not happen overnight. Creating a money making website requires daily work and consistent effort. Most people do not have the self discipline and motivation required to start a money making website.

So let's say you build your website or join an affiliate program. By the way if you have an affiliate website it makes much more sense to build yourself a true website since your affiliate site will not get high ranking in the search engines. So any ways you now have your website and now you need traffic. So what are your options? Well you can pay for traffic, you know those ads which claim to give you 1 million unique visitors for 30 bucks. Well this kind of traffic is worthless your lucky if you can get one click. Next you can shell out thousands of dollars to hire an SEO firm to do your search engine marketing for you. A word of warning if you go this route. Many of the SEO companies do not know their elbow from their you know what. Be very careful before turning your hard earned dollar to any SEO company and be sure to do your due diligence on the SEO company. Next you can buy pay per click advertising. The only thing with pay per click is you must have deep pockets, like to the tune of 10,000 a month to be really effective and it would make sense to hire a pay per click expert to manage your campaigns for you. Unless of course you already have prior experience dealing with pay per click advertising. Or you can learn how to get top ranking in search engines which is by far I believe the most effective way of getting traffic to your site.

So now that you have figured out how you are going to get traffic to your website, you are now ready start a money making website.
This article was written by Aaron Aldama. For more info on home business tracking visit Craigslist Atlanta

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