Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Home Business Chicago- How A Home Based Business Opportunity Seeker Quit His Day Job

Home Business Chicago- How A Home Based Business Opportunity Seeker Quit His Day Job

When Dean Ellis decided he didn't want a full time job anymore, he began to explore opportunities on the Internet. This article explains how a home based business, opportunity seeker quit his day job and found exactly what he was looking for.

As my client, Dean had a lot of ideas and as a life coach, I began to clarify in his mind, the goals he had and the challenges he faced. He discovered within a month that he could indeed, quit his day job and begin his new career working from home at his online business.

We took the whole Internet apart piece by piece, so we could see below the surface and understand the main ways an income could be derived from the Internet. It turns out it was surprisingly simple when we began to really consider the whole thing.

We established, that the way an income was derived on the Internet or anywhere else was with a product or service. That seems obvious, however, we were trying to uncover the structure of the Internet...the business structure. Dean, a home based business, opportunity seeker, wanted me to help him clarify what the whole business of the Internet was all about beneath the surface and not on a superficial level.

We identified one key area, where somebody with no experience and not much start up capital could focus on and begin earning quite quickly. This criteria was Deans main objective. He wanted to start earning enough to quit his day job. He figured he could live on half his present salary, so we made that the initial financial goal.

We identified the affiliate marketing model to be his best and most clear shot at his goal and seemed to be manageable within the time frame of one month. He joined some vendors of existing products and he found his only real job was to send traffic. That is really the extent of his involvement in his business. To send a stream of traffic. He found a percentage of it converted into sales and for this he was paid a commission.

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