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Bend Local Marketing - Does the Internet Affect Your Local Business?

In my experience, I've found that it is natural for one to only consider that which exists in the realm of their own knowledge. Old dogs will tell you about how they've been running their businesses successfully without touching a computer, or without the use of conventional marketing tools. This, in turn, breeds these beliefs to some of the younger business owners, who look up to these individuals as mentors. The fact is, false information such as this is costing small businesses everywhere significant amounts of income! A sound marketing strategy is necessary in promoting your local business and in maintaining its welfare!

A Story to Tell
I was recently on the phone with a buddy of mine who was moving to Colorado from South Carolina. He told me about his plan to rent a truck, make the drive cross country over the period of a week or so, set up some job interviews before he left, and to buy a house when he got there. He also said that he was going to have to get an apartment before he arrived to give him a little time to get going with the house and what not. He then proceeded to tell me that he was in the process of booking flights, setting up rooms, looking for apartments, searching for good areas to live, places to work, paying for the truck, and so on. Can you guess how he was going about accomplishing all of these things? That's right, ONLINE!!! In today's age, information is available at the click of a mouse. Not only that, but you can also conduct a mass amount of business online, taking away the need for customers to resort to the phone, or to in store visits. And customers will actively pursue convenience, as my friend did! He was able to conduct over 90 percent of his required business online! So, the worst mistake a business can make, is thinking that the internet does not affect their local business!

Marketing Twins - Belief and Disbelief
I'll not throw numbers at you, as numbers don't speak the same language that real life examples do. But I will tell you that the statistics do show an astounding difference in business conducted by those who incorporate the internet into their marketing strategies and those who do not. In fact, I have seen the dramatic influence that internet marketing strategies have had on businesses invoking them for the very first time! To stake my point, simply denying the effectiveness of online marketing does not rescind how powerful it is, and it is a costly mistake on the part of any small business owner. Believe in the tools which are available to you, and they will bring success to you and your business.

The Convenience of Internet
Another reason why many small businesses do not incorporate internet marketing, is that they do not realize how incredibly convenient this is on the small business as well as the customer. Internet marketing provides tools which generate business at all times, without the need for constant attention and effort. It is like having an employee who costs very little, yet, does the work of several. It is cost efficient and productive! And never underestimate the convenience which this tool supplies to your customers. They will be thankful to you for every step you take in ensuring that they have access to the best service possible. This includes ready access to information, promotions, newsletters, and so on.

Taking the time to incorporate this medium is a sure fire way to enhance profit and spark a powerful driving force into the economy of your business. This is easy to do. So why not take advantage of this while you still have the upper hand in knowing the effectiveness of it, and being one of the first to properly utilize all that it has to offer. Put internet marketing to work for you!

Why are small businesses LOSING business and failing to promote REPEAT business with the tools that are available to them?

The fact is that most business owners simply do not know how to effectively market their businesses. Nor do they have the time to keep up with the constant changes occurring online, and in marketing and advertising.

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