Thursday, January 3, 2008

Home Based Businesses

Home based businesses will become the norm in business. There are many advantages of having multiple home based businesses. First if one business goes bad you have other businesses to fall back. Next it is always better to have more than one successful company. It just makes sense. The more companies you can efficiently run the better off you are. The experience you also will gain from running multiple companies is also priceless. With the way the economy is headed and the way many major companies are shipping their jobs overseas, it just makes sense to start your own company. Many people will not catch on to this tread and they will end up getting left in the dust. If you don't believe me just visit your local unemployment office. You will not find 20 year olds in there looking for work. Instead you will find high paid employees, many who were making $150,000 and up, looking for work.

Many of these high paid employees will have to take a major pay cut. They will be lucky to earn $60,000 a year. This is a key reason many people will get left behind in the near future. Many people who get laid off will continue to look for another job and will continue to have to take pay cuts. Many people are using an outdated plan and that plan is failing them, badly. What is worse is they continue to teach their kids the same plan, not knowing they are setting up their kids for failure. These are the people who will continue to get left behind and passed up. This is what we know primarily as the middle class. The middle class believes in getting a college degree and then looking for a stable job. The middle class is being hit the hardest since it is their jobs that are being shipped overseas.

As a business owner, I can see many companies are beginning to see hiring employees as a major liability. Which explains why they are shipping out as many jobs as possible. Think about it as a business owner for a sec. First you have to pay insurance for all of your employees and we are talking about accidental insurance for the company, and medical insurance for your employees. Next you also have to pay a salary. But as a business owner if you know you can contract your work to a professional contractor for cheaper and you wouldn't have to pay any insurance's what so ever, it would just make sense. It just makes sense as a business owner.

Many high paid employees are not seeing this fact and it is a fact. Times are changing, either you change and take advantage of the changing times or you get passed up and live out a rough life. Going into business for yourself just makes complete sense. Instead of your employer having the control, you put the control in your hands. Not to mention the tax benefits you get with having your own business. Having multiple home based businesses just makes total sense.

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