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Home Business Chicago-How To Identify A Legitimate Home Based MLM

Home Business Chicago-How To Identify A Legitimate Home Based MLM Business

So what is legitimate home based MLM business opportunityreally all about? The following report includes some fascinatinginformation about legitimate home based MLM businessopportunity- -info you can use, not just the old stuff they usedto tell you.

With the number of multilevel marketing opportunitiesavailable, it can be difficult to determine which ones arelegitimate opportunities and which ones are borderline illegal.In the past, many pyramid schemes that counted on recruitingothers into the pyramid to make money without offering any realproduct or service in exchange for their investment, left peopleout of millions of dollars and caught the attention of lawenforcement which has made them illegal to operate.

As a result, many variations of the multilevel marketing planshave been created to offer a thin veil over the fact that theyare still pyramid schemes. Fortunately, there are few signs thatpoint to a multilevel marketing opportunity being legitimatewith a real opportunity for making real money by selling realproducts. Five things to look for when considering if an MLMbusiness opportunity is legitimate include:

1. Sales of real products at a reasonable price
2. Enough information for you to make an informed decision
3. Training about the product
4. Resources to enable you to make product sales
5. Recruitment is an option and not mandatory

The best time to learn about legitimate home based MLM businessopportunity is before you're in the thick of things. Wisereaders will keep reading to earn some valuable legitimate homebased MLM business opportunity experience while it's still free.

Many companies may offer product sales to slip in under theguise of being a legitimate MLM opportunity. If the companyrequires their distributors to buy the product in order to beeligible for sales commissions, it probably is borderlinelegitimate. If they require you to recruit new members into thedistribution line before being eligible to earn commission, itis not a legitimate opportunity.

Any literature, online or off-line promoting the MLMopportunity should contain enough information about the product,the potential for sales and a realistic approach to incomepotential to allow a reasonable person to make an informeddecision. Too many times, the entire pitch is focused on howmuch money a distributor can make. One big red flag is a pictureof an alleged sales person standing by a fancy car in front of amansion. The car may have been rented long enough to drive to afancy neighborhood where the picture was taken.

The product being sold should be the main focus of theinformation as well as its marketability, its competition andprice. When looking at a product consider if you yourself wouldbe interested in buying it at the offered price and thenconsider how many you might be able to sell.

The company should also offer support and other resources tomake the job of selling their product easier. Many people willpay a higher price for quality merchandise and if the company isoffering top-notch merchandise at a reasonable price, it may bea good outfit to join.

While recruiting distributors to work under you is common inthe multilevel marketing business it should not be mandatory.Any company that demands a certain number of recruits beforepaying commission on your sales, is not one to bother joining.Additionally, they may also stipulate that the commission on thefirst or second sale will go to the person who recruited you.Stay away from these opportunities, as the commissions you earnshould belong to you not the next person up the line.

There's a lot to understand about legitimate home based MLMbusiness opportunity. We were able to provide you with some ofthe facts above, but there is still plenty more to write aboutin subsequent articles.

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